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    Or he had just died in the wilderness. From this point, Lu Zhi felt that he should not tell Xiao Ya the news, after all, even if he was a person who did not care much about life, Living the love of the new couple, he can still see it. Xiaoya still really likes Wang Han's attitude. To put it bluntly, it's inevitable that a potential girl like Xiaoya will be stimulated. For her who has just come to another dimension, this kind of stimulation is completely unnecessary and dangerous.

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    “You want to die?” Porphyrin squinted his eyes.

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    In the next few days, the entire group headed by Feng Shuyi can be said to undergo earth-shattering changes! When knowing that Vuong Han had returned, the feelings of all those familiar with Vuong Han could not be expressed in words! And after truly feeling Vuong Han's fighting power, everyone didn't know what to say, except to shake their heads in horror! This can no longer simply be described as tyranny in terms of combat power. Wang Han, who originally had no elements in his body and was considered a salted fish, can only be said to be terrible now. Ordinary people cannot be compared, and the ordinary people mentioned here are the kind of people whose strength can easily reach the sixth and seventh heavens.

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    Porphyrin has been used to this kind of thing for a long time. It has been many years since he went to another dimension. Compared to Vuong Han's complete rookie appearance now, it can be said that he is a once-in-a-lifetime driver. Things don't particularly seek novelty, he can maintain a very calm attitude, just like now, with a steadfast heart like an old dog. Porphyrin then slammed his palm into the small grave bag under Wang Han's eyes, the subtle breath was delicately controlled by Porphyrin, a deep hole as deep as a dry well in a deep mountain gradually appeared, after the breath Completely regulated by Porphyrin, Vuong Han suddenly felt a gust of wind blowing from the well below his feet! Along with this, there is a strong rancid smell in this cloudy wind!

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    Qian Qian came up with her own ideas, because now she could clearly feel that she and Wang Han were not on the same level, what Wang Han could do was difficult for her, so she I also want to help Uncle Wang Han well. , instead of just thinking about the problem from an outsider's perspective!

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    There are many relics in different dimensions. These relics are scattered in many places in different dimensions and the dangers are also different. We can go through the ruins to achieve the two most important things. You must know these two things. One. It is called the Stone of Nightmare, and it is an important item that helps you store the power of the dimension in your body. With the power of dimension, you can use the power of dimension to activate the scrolls of gods and demons, and you will have all kinds of powerful effects. Porphyrin turned his head to look at Vuong Han who was running quickly next to him, then seriously reminded: "However, the ruins are very dangerous, there are many monsters inside, you cannot defeat them now, or most of the time." In any case, as long as you arbitrarily break into the ruins alone, your small life will basically be destroyed, there will be nothing left."

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    Time tends to dilute many things, more than ten years ago I was still passionately discussing Vuong Han's Tieu Nha.

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    And once Vuong Han's thoughts take root in this simple word, it will truly be amazing!