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    After that, Vuong Han looked under the water surface, saying it was the water surface, but in fact it was more like a deeper fog, and this sea of emptiness looked really huge, but with Vuong Han's current computing ability , he can see. After a few seconds, he passed through this illusory pill and left the environment of the human world. Now there was no other way. Even though he knew what dirty things would be in this illusory sea, there was nothing. What other choice was there on his side, but on his side without saying a word, he adjusted the travel time of two watches at the same time, then sank directly into the sea of illusion.

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    come back? will not go? This is a parting choice, like an unchangeable branch in the game, a black-and-white choice on the main plot. If he goes back, Vuong Han probably won't be able to go back, because behind Tu Hai there must be more things than what he sees now, and he also doesn't know if the other side has any plans or not. But if he doesn't return, if the other person really has something important to tell him, then he will miss the opportunity. So what to choose next is something Vuong Han must think carefully about. Of course, thinking is just thinking, he feels there is no need to make a decision immediately.

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    "!" Dai'er gritted his teeth and said one sentence at a time, "If it weren't for me, I probably wouldn't be able to beat you right now, and it's not convenient for me to work in Nhan Chau and the same district." , otherwise if there is no one in the wilderness, I will definitely fight with you! This is the first time I've been spoken to in this tone as a 尨, and you really have no conscience at all! Or did you just expose yourself as a murderer? Does that man feel embarrassed? He just wants to chase me away!"

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    “Red… Lovely.” Vuong Han wanted to vomit blood, he often called this color bright red, meaning the color of cigarette butts burned, or red like hot blood, but the other person directly said that this color is cute and cute, that's enough. .